New image of autumn and winter retro feminine hairstyle is to create Key

17 noiembrie 2010

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New image of autumn and winter retro feminine hairstyle is to create Key
Throughout the autumn and winter 2010 show, whether it is senior or advanced custom clothing flyovers, one mind exudes a retro atmosphere. Whether you seek this fall season, short hair or long hair, curly or straight hair … … retro feminine is the only guiding principle. 30′s Golden Age of Hollywood actress looks like, 50 years on the U.S. advertising reproductions pretty housewife image, or 70 Beauty style, without any central United States … … do not understand it directly on the map it ~
This autumn and winter if you do not try any of them, you are completely out of the!
Pretty classic cauda equina
Louis Vuitton this year, with the elegant 1950s, impressed by the global fashion community.Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool|auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO CalculatorThigh high waist corset dress with a star just turned Zhuangshan war. However, on the world to create a fifties retro American advertising reproductions sense, how can the less got pretty classic cauda equina? The United States has a very red between suburban housewife very young and dynamic Jiaoqiao short tail, the pursuit of a sense of meticulous fine. End of the roll bar must make a few small electric volume is bright.
This is a pursuit of docile, even a little sense of the delicate tail deliberately shape. Can first apply some wax in the hair surface, and then comb the hair carefully Shoulong, the final position on the tail tips, hair is when you can head slightly to the back. Finally, electric hair curling to get the hair volume in one direction, the final volume will be issued by hand all strandentwining.
Roll with the nature of
Whether in Chlo, or in Ferragamo’s show floor, a large camel tough play a leading role, in order to balance this feeling, sexy hair, without exception, have chosen slightly curly hair and gentle. This appears to be very casual curls, all focused on the volume level at the tail, because they are not deliberately seeking fluffy, hair volume can be more orderly, while the larger volume degrees to create a very atmospheric feel.
To be busy throughout August to promote women find themselves film “Eat Pray Love” in the mouth beauty Julia Roberts, will be just the right slightly curly hair just right. Gentle and mature women with sex, all in chocolate curls stand out. This is normal hair to create there is no difference in the program, the hair is divided into two layers, electric curling crisp. 32mm in diameter should be chosen more than curling. Remember that the volumes can not exceed the ear. Finally, head down, break up all the hair will be able to create a free reverse effect.

Hair awakened from a dreamless
This season CHANEL, Giles, Lela Rose, without exception, with a very non-traditional dish made fluffy. The fluffy hair in an exaggerated form as the starting point, creating a fantastic sense of retro country. Have to make people think of “Marie Antoinette” Marie An-toinette presence. This retro hair, I am afraid only of the occasion to make it, from the table.
Today, Cheryl Cole married life a bit rough, but her favorite fluffy hair stand on this trend must thunder wave. Scraping with a comb down to the hair root area, and then carefully layers of fat content of all Shoulong, Hair Spray by ultra-strong frame at each level will be high up. Long hair can be Shoulong into a small bun, and with the fluffy hair covered.

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