2011 released the latest U.S. and European hair

4 ianuarie 2011

2011 released the latest U.S. and European hair
The new European and American end of 2010 -2011 in the popular hair trend has been coming out ~ the new year will be more inclined to be clear cut profile member of the rich texture of hair, there are more feminine.
Whether short hair or long hair, outgoing or conservative, joy, fun, wild, striped … … challenging, dynamic … … will be very busy this fall season, the occasion of fashion!
This is only a reference indicator, at ever you feel is not suitable, then the right one reference right!
Qi Jin short hair
Haircut to the neck, gently on the decline. Sharp lines and light to keep the thickness of layer. Asymmetric edge protruding eyes, showing Jean Louis David, urban style. Prominent part in front of the light tend to reduce the texture. Here, as soft as a warm chestnut brown eyes and shiny, show in front.

Swept smooth type
The hair is done on the basis of the preceding paragraph be changed.LAUNCH X-431|Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool |auto diagnostic tools|Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Alarms and Security|Auto Locksmith Tools|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|volvo vida diceHair swept back hair style is the key. For a slightly slightly wet hair, with Jean Louis David, styling gel to complete the city.

Clear outline thick hair strong, smooth and soft, 70′s retro style is back! Are added to the inside of the low light, adding to the feeling of depth and rich texture, creating a clear vision, soft and strong lines.
BOBO Short Wave
Jean Louis David, the eternal classic: short wave BOBO, smooth prefix, the hair surrounding the external eyes, and prominent shape the neck and face.

Swept wild-type
Change on the basis of the preceding paragraph, research and development. Wild and sexy, rebellious streak can highlight a secret: gel.

2010 latest hair style, girl model in the United States and the first long section of pear

10 decembrie 2010

2010 latest hair style, girl model in the United States and the first long section of pear
2010 latest hair style, girl model in the United States and the first long section of pear promise you a summer romance

2010 latest hair: because of the Japanese pear, named after supermodel and fashion circles swept the “pear head” has been popular for some time now, it has yet to decline in popularity index. They still have the beauty of the MM to “pear” one. In fact, pear head can also have a lot of changes in color on an issue, or a little and make some changes, you can have extraordinary results oh.
2010 latest hair style: the tail volume is substantially inward upgrade the traditional pear head, slightly more volume level bangs look cute, who can resist such a little cute.

Hair color and light linen pear can be described as born of a head,Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3|Benz Star|Renault CAN Clip|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|Fly 100 Honda|x431|VCM IDS|Auto Diagnostic|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A to get below the volume bar with a little hair, fashion sense straight up, and then with a derby hat, the whole beauty of walking in the forefront of fashion girl image.
2010 latest hair style: pear version of the first variation, in addition to the bangs cover the forehead, pear head carved out of the same fashion sense, stick with the paper a few jumbo hair even more charming, more feminine the.

2010 latest hair style: bright yellow skin and white hair color for the MM, the crowd is very eye-catching drop, do not take too long to take care of, as long as the head wearing a cute mini bow a very pretty, pleasant.
2010 latest hair style: This year can also be compiled and distributed a large hot head and pear combine with the long bangs in the form of centipede braided together and work it, refreshing the same time very feminine enough.
2010 latest hair style: the first is characterized by pear head pointed, the tail heavy, of course, can break this rule, elegant point of the tail can be added to MM’s Smart but what about.
2010 latest hair: to compare the standard calculation of the pear head, and the combination of rabbit ears and hair accessories are this summer, do not try to shape not


New image of autumn and winter retro feminine hairstyle is to create Key

17 noiembrie 2010

New image of autumn and winter retro feminine hairstyle is to create Key
Throughout the autumn and winter 2010 show, whether it is senior or advanced custom clothing flyovers, one mind exudes a retro atmosphere. Whether you seek this fall season, short hair or long hair, curly or straight hair … … retro feminine is the only guiding principle. 30′s Golden Age of Hollywood actress looks like, 50 years on the U.S. advertising reproductions pretty housewife image, or 70 Beauty style, without any central United States … … do not understand it directly on the map it ~
This autumn and winter if you do not try any of them, you are completely out of the!
Pretty classic cauda equina
Louis Vuitton this year, with the elegant 1950s, impressed by the global fashion community.Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool|auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO CalculatorThigh high waist corset dress with a star just turned Zhuangshan war. However, on the world to create a fifties retro American advertising reproductions sense, how can the less got pretty classic cauda equina? The United States has a very red between suburban housewife very young and dynamic Jiaoqiao short tail, the pursuit of a sense of meticulous fine. End of the roll bar must make a few small electric volume is bright.
This is a pursuit of docile, even a little sense of the delicate tail deliberately shape. Can first apply some wax in the hair surface, and then comb the hair carefully Shoulong, the final position on the tail tips, hair is when you can head slightly to the back. Finally, electric hair curling to get the hair volume in one direction, the final volume will be issued by hand all strandentwining.
Roll with the nature of
Whether in Chlo, or in Ferragamo’s show floor, a large camel tough play a leading role, in order to balance this feeling, sexy hair, without exception, have chosen slightly curly hair and gentle. This appears to be very casual curls, all focused on the volume level at the tail, because they are not deliberately seeking fluffy, hair volume can be more orderly, while the larger volume degrees to create a very atmospheric feel.
To be busy throughout August to promote women find themselves film “Eat Pray Love” in the mouth beauty Julia Roberts, will be just the right slightly curly hair just right. Gentle and mature women with sex, all in chocolate curls stand out. This is normal hair to create there is no difference in the program, the hair is divided into two layers, electric curling crisp. 32mm in diameter should be chosen more than curling. Remember that the volumes can not exceed the ear. Finally, head down, break up all the hair will be able to create a free reverse effect.

Hair awakened from a dreamless
This season CHANEL, Giles, Lela Rose, without exception, with a very non-traditional dish made fluffy. The fluffy hair in an exaggerated form as the starting point, creating a fantastic sense of retro country. Have to make people think of “Marie Antoinette” Marie An-toinette presence. This retro hair, I am afraid only of the occasion to make it, from the table.
Today, Cheryl Cole married life a bit rough, but her favorite fluffy hair stand on this trend must thunder wave. Scraping with a comb down to the hair root area, and then carefully layers of fat content of all Shoulong, Hair Spray by ultra-strong frame at each level will be high up. Long hair can be Shoulong into a small bun, and with the fluffy hair covered.

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5 latest Japanese hair fall and winter fashion

27 octombrie 2010

5 latest Japanese hair fall and winter fashion

BOB thick head hair
Hair half-length period of not less embarrassing, hot day can make such a hair care has become easy and convenient. BOB head hair is very thick girls taste, half of the bangs to make sense of MM’s sweet just right, the bending of the hair at the end of the mandible still surround the face-lift effect.
Sweet and short hair
At first glance, the streets like a boy with short hair like MM is so great ah. Most streets do not want to have similar short hair, like his hair is no longer the sweet boy gas more attractive,Renault CAN Clip|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|AK500 key programmer|Fly 100 Honda|x431|
it would have to move your two hands, you can easily create their own short hair and a sweet.
Intellectual curls
Want to go intellectual wind MM, might try to take care of this simple curls. The forehead bangs combed flat, just the right length of a pair of Liu Mei Liu looming, but also highlights the bright eyes of God.
Big wave of hair
Carved hair long bangs the big wave of intellectual temperament is suitable for lady.
Golden brown wavy hair
Golden brown wavy hair is impressive. Winding of the hair resting on his chest, so that MM seems gentle and cute, but her eyes giving the impression that she thought the next second there will be a trick.

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Romance your sweet long hair very curly hair

27 octombrie 2010

Romance your sweet long hair very curly hair
Long curly hair hair looks both elegant and sweet, but also changes according to the length of the hair out of a variety of hairstyles. The following autumn, give us some 8 curly hair fashion, so you very sweet.
A cute little curly hair, the hair is done in inward slightly at the tail volume hot effect. Use styling products to make the effect of fluffy hair root, the thickness of hair highlights, slightly Liu Qi within the volume is increased the overall shape and eyes with the degree, it is like the same sweet BABY born, along with golden hair color selection will look more like a Barbie doll-like cute.

Fluffy as cotton candy wave, full of sweet feeling. The overall hair volume must be based on a different location to do hair curl, so as to allow the location of different brain-type hair style looks more uniform. General in the early autumn when we will be more emphasis on selection of dark hair color, the use of such hair gives a more lively feel.Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and SecurityAnd Liu is a modification of the thick face of a great magic weapon, no matter the age of the girls are prepared it tough love, and MM is the best choice for large face.

Comparison of hair sticks skilled operator MM, should be quite easy to own this DIY hair, so naturally wavy hair give people a very refreshing feeling. If you do regular hair treatment, then you can use to select digital hot, so the overall texture of hair will become more able to achieve the polished effect.

Liu made the overall shape of the face look more slender, lovely long hair to create a casual and romantic atmosphere, and the amount of surface fat and not very heavy pruning, and achieve a sense of depth, giving a very natural feeling. The choice of the color maroon is chosen so that a more natural hair elasticity

The iron in the hair styling for both volumes MM, also suitable for straight hair MM, revealed the slightest naughty sweet taste of early autumn is absolutely necessary on the romantic female hair. The big wave is to enhance the romantic flavor of choice for women, better show you a rare gentle side, oh.
Hair in the hair is often stereotyped, but we always innovative new hairstyle. This section with carved hair bangs, so that the shape is even more intellectual, using Jumbo shape, so that the hair look of a Smart

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Latest development in modern times to see where a new image

21 octombrie 2010

Latest development in modern times to see where a new image

Beach-goers, eight hundred years old and missing words, can we all want to Ganzhe Shi children. Street beat pretty hair is not in fashion, but you can find out the way, is not there until the new shape of your mind Pa.

Forever Young hair by age, and time against
Do not just pent-up emotion in the onset of skin care products or not, makeup can be more beautiful, dedicated to the pursuit of life of women by age, changes in hair attitude is always the most immediate. If you are forever young urban inner light Mature, this hair by age 4 personality will help you the power to reverse the stunning salon time. And they are to undergo trimming, dyeing, hot, protection, decoration of the all-round build.

30′s woman’s head scenery Shanghai
Looking back on Shanghai in the thirties of last century, it seems that the total front of a layer of hazy golden in the sunlight, it was a “golden age”, when a woman is the unique re-interpretation of the wave lines of hair, aristocratic attitude ready to come out proudly.Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Security
Tension is very fluffy hair, stretch out a vibrant force winds. Ze vertical fall along the straight hair, sharp and filled with joy and confidence between.

Mature plate made, Fatal attraction
Hourglass tailoring this season, and the piece back to the trend of pencil skirts, the traditional fine hair which has become flawless, Mature and Winter Solstice. Luxury reddish-brown and brown can learn from a more
Big woman, strong hair Phi
They never left our sight, hair blowing out, tough publicity, shiny black, flame-like red and blond hair, impossible for anyone to take your eyes off.
The most beautiful hair color is the sun hickey
If you are a natural black hair, eager to try new hair color, but also worried about the impact of hair dye on the hair, or worry about their first attempt to bring about change is too large, it can be streaked with the soft way, let your hair a vivid color rendering . And this is also suitable for dyed hair damaged hair.

Who will certainly damage one’s hair perm
Become popular nowadays a healthy and nourishing the perm service, not only from the traditional perm to curl a single flaw, but the depth in the process of nourishing hair perm, hair is more durable so that the natural and full of luster.
Experience will be completely subvert the experience of your hair

L’Oreal Paris professional hair salon products brings revolutionary iNOA, coming to an end the traditional ammonia hair color technology for salon industry for nearly a century-old rule, which means you no longer have to smell the nasty smell of ammonia.

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